12 Step Falcon Withdrawl Program

Boise Robin’s 12 Step Program for Falco-holics
and the
Boise Peregrine MOD SQUAD
“Sempre Aucupium”(C)

Step 1: Admit we are powerless over Falcons. They will lay eggs that are not fertile, get too close to the edge of the ledge, fledge earlier then we think they should and they will return to the nest box when we think they should not.

Step 2: Our friends came to believe we were had lost our minds when we talked nonstop about what “our birds” were doing.

Step 3: Made a decision that we will tune in next season the very moment the web cam is up.

Step 4: Cleared our calendars, called in sick, and took vacation time just to be at Piper Pub or the garage at 9th & Main.

Step 5: Share our every Falcon experience via the web or visits down town with the Falcon Chat Group and the Boise Mod Squad. (Only another Falcon addict truly understands us).

Step 6: We were entirely ready to gain weight eating chocolate in hopes that it will ensure successful falcon fledglings.

Step 7: We were humbled by Merriweather and Lewis’s parenting skills.

Step 8: Made a list of the places Columbia, MadgeEllen and Wall-E liked to stay on the ledge and in the box, when they last ate and speculated what they were eating.

Step 9: Apologized to moderators and others on the group when we posted shouts that got a little too rowdy.

Step 10: Continued to track all other birds linked to the site – especially the Owls in the Netherlands.

Step 11: Made lasting friendships online and in person with other falcon addicts like ourselves.

Step 12: Having had a Spiritual Falcon experience we donated to The World Center Birds of Prey – and adopted a Peregrine Falcon to ensure that others could could enjoy these amazing birds.
(Adapted from the San Jose 12-Step Program)

and adopted a very classy Latin Motto ….
“Always Watching” = “Sempre Aucupium” is specific to bird-watching… (Motto (C) Robin Young 2009)


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