1st Fledge! Columbia(?)

OK. So the last post stated that Wall-E was the first peregrine to fledge. Wrong! Actually at about 8:00am (MDT) on 26 June 2009, the first of the chicks to fledge was probably Columbia, although there still might be some question on that. About mid-afternoon, the fledgling left the Idanha Hotel, flew 1 1/2 blocks south and crashed into the wall of the Hotel 43. No injuries were sustained. She remained there on a ledge all night. Many thanks to DD for allowing me to photograph the fledgling from her office.

But wait, there’s more! At about dusk on 26 June, Wall-E did fledge. But with troubles. He hit a car and was immediately taken to see a vet. All appears well. He has been taken by Idaho Fish and Game for recovery, which should only take 24 – 36 hours. At that time, he will be returned to the top of the One Capital Center Building, watered down completely, food and water left with him and then released. I hope this straightens up some of the confusion. Here are some photos. The SlideBox file name has been left the same for convenience.Enjoy!


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