Columbia, Maggie and the Wall-E Saga

Sorry about the delay in posting these photos, but I’ve been slightly busy. A couple of them are a little blurred, but it’s difficult to photograph a flying peregrine with a 300mm lens and not have it blurred. Wall-E tried to move a parked car … it didn’t work. He is fine and was placed back on the One Capital Building and eventually flew again. One of the females on 29 June also got into some trouble, but will also be OK. Here are the photos. Do enjoy them! Many thanks to Bruce Haak, Idaho Fish and Game, for supplying two of these photos.


One comment

  1. Bob and Robin..this one is thebest…I am sitting here crying. So grateful to you for all your efforts on this project.Thank you, Maxine (June)30 June, 2009 16:57 Jan H said… Beautiful, Bob! So glad Maggie's elegant moments were captured! Thank you.Jan05 July, 2009 11:19


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