Accidental Encounters

It’s not often that a fledgling falcon can encounter the side of a building with great impact and survive. Columbia did just that. She spent the night clinging to the ledge to her left. She was not injured!

Wall-E, on the other hand, was out chasing a small bird. The bird went left and Wall-E hit the window. Stunned and confused, he walked about a block where he was “captured”. He was also not injured. He hit that window with a lot of force to leave such a n impression.

Both birds spent the night with Fish and Game biologist, Bruce Haak in a flight cage. Neither bird received any injuries and were replaced on the One Capital Center building and are doing fine.


One comment

  1. Anonymous said… Bob..imprint of Wall-e on window almost impossible to believe. This shot is one of your best.CongradulationsMaxine02 July, 2009 08:51 RockinRobin said… The captions with the photographs are correct – Columbia, the first to fly did assume the batman position and eventually flew off. Later was captured [Channel 7 had it on the news and she probably would have flown off again if not trapped since someone called in worried the falcon would attack his dog] as the third bird to spend the night with Bruce. What is missing is the story of MadgeEllen (Maggie) the second falcon to spend the night at Bruce's falconry after being rounded up crossing the street at 10th and Miller – not blogged, because there was no picture of her crossing the street late at night.Too bad Anonymous people don't have the courage to ID themselves for a response.03 July, 2009 10:46


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