(Maggie is the top most falcon)

Now we know why wild animals – such as the Peregrine Falcon – should not be named. At 8:45am MDT this morning – 5 July 2009 – Kelly Moore, and his wife “Louie”, and I were on Watch and were told that one of our peregrines was on the ground and probably dead at 4th and Front Streets. Kelly and I immediately left for the location and the information was correct. It appears that Maggie crossed a 5600 volt line with her right talon/foot and her left wing. She never moved from where she hit the ground. With a mortality rate of close to 75% for the first year, one can expect accidents of this type to occur. The Ground Watcher Volunteers for the Idaho Fish and Game have spent countless hours trying to protect these birds from accidents. Mostly we are successful. Sometimes we are not. “…And a silver cord was cut tonight.” Maggie (Madge Ellen) was 49 days old.


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  1. Anonymous said… A truly sad day for our Boise falcon family. Thanks for being there Bob.05 July, 2009 17:52 Jan H said… Thank you, Bob. "Golden Thread was cut" is very touching.(I thought it was 4th and Front. Is that wrong?)Jan H05 July, 2009 18:18 Jan H said… Just want to let you know, Bob, how much you're appreciated. You've gone far beyond the call of duty with your volunteer organizational skills and assumed responsibilities no one else has. It's been great to know you're here/there to count on. I was so glad to see you and Kelly 'on the job' today, 'work as usual'. Thank you for all you have done.05 July, 2009 18:27 Bob and Robin said… Yes, Jan, indeed it was Front Street. That just confirms that someone reads these posts (-:05 July, 2009 18:41 Anonymous said… Marcia here, I am to stupid to figure out how to post correctly so will give this a go.I agree with Jan. You and Bob have done more for the Falcons than a lot of people will ever know. I thank you for introducing me to the Falcons and the Family.Even tho there is a feud now, I do hope this can be resolved.Seems silly for the two of you who have done more than most should not be allowed to post. Sure hope the Blog lives on forever. Hugs, Marcia05 July, 2009 19:11 Anonymous said… Bless our Maggie! ;-(Love,ZimKathy05 July, 2009 20:48 Gail said… It was so sad to hear Madge Ellen was gone—I loved her name and know she was an extra special Peregrine. Thanks for all you do for the falcons, Bob.05 July, 2009 22:14 MaryInBoise said… I know that losing these babies is a fact of life, but I have been watching the camera (and occasionally joining in on the shoutbox) since before the birds hatched, and this is heartbreaking. Thank you for keeping an eye on these little ones, and I hope that the other two fledglings make it to adulthood.Take care,MaryInBoise05 July, 2009 22:44 Kim and Victoria said… Oh no!!! So sorry to hear that.05 July, 2009 22:58 Lorna said… Bob, Thanks for all you have done. You have put in many hours of dedicated time into these beautifull birds.My heart is breaking, But I am glad she had a name, at least we were able to Identify her with that. instead of a Number on a band.All things great, deserve acknowlegement, as our Maggie did. I wouldnt have changed a thing in naming her. Thanks again for all your info and insight to this endevour.06 July, 2009 06:53 RockinRobin said… Al London – our E-Mail addresses are in the grey column to the right where it says contibutors… you said you wanted to send yours to us…Thanks for helping out breaking the sad news to people back from the long week-end.06 July, 2009 08:07 algehl said… Just back from Lewiston and read Bob's Blog about Maggie. I am heartbroken that one of our babies did not make it. Even knowing the survival statistics, I hoped all three of ours would be the exception. RIP Dear Maggie. You are well loved and truly missed!06 July, 2009 12:03 Kitten said… OMG My heart is broken, one of our own is gone. Wish i can get online and shout it with all of you, but FP has me banned on 3 addresses now. As is, I will mourn alone on our loss. You all take care and hopefully soon or by next year, we'll have sumfin better and different then FP.06 July, 2009 14:11


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