The Wanderer

Early shift this morning watching the falcons – 0630. But a beautiful morning. Clear, moderately cool, no breeze and the falcons doing some flying. I took some really good photos of Wall-E, so do enjoy them.




  1. Peggy -The males (Wall-E) are generally smaller and their plumage is brighter. Also the male peregrines have a "heart" shape on the side of their face that will really standout in bright sunlight.


  2. It was easy to tell Wall-e from his sisters when they were freshly hatched (seems just like last month). His siters used him as a pillow and he was always sitting in corners. Its great to see him and Columbia still hanging our together. I wonder who is watch out for who. hehe


  3. The shots you get of the falcons in flight are absolutely breathtaking—they are so magnificent and beautiful. I love the texture and pattern of their feathers. What a delight to be able to share in their lives. Thank you for bringing them to us.


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