Boise Falcons Update

Isn’t Wall-E such a beautiful falcon? Here he soars over the city of Boise several weeks ago. This photo was taken right after his assumed “1st kill”. He is such an awesome tiercel and pure poetry in motion. It’s really nice to hear reports from folks “on the street” that they have seen and/or heard the Boise Falcons. For those who have time in releasing these delightful and beautiful creatures, we are happy that they have gained their independence and are seen less and less on their “usual” perches. They do, however, go back to the hack box, although it seems to be more of the mature tiercel than the juveniles. The juveniles still frequent the One Capital Center Building, but usually on the eastern side.
It’s interesting to note that the ledge on the 14th floor, will probably not be sandblasted this year as was previously thought. I have not heard the reasoning for this. The hack box, however, will be cleaned out and the gravel replaced by the Idaho Fish and Game biologist.
The adult female has probably left the area. The adult tiercel and the juveniles are pretty much still in the downtown area. As long as the resource remains (food supply) there really is no reason for them to leave. Will they migrate this fall? Maybe, but it all depends on the available resource. And then, they have to have an adult around to show them how, when and where. (You know, the “Who, What, Why, When, and How” routine.) Is that why the adult tiercel is “hanging around”? Hard to say.
Keep your eyes open and your hearing sharpened. You may see or hear them flying around. They will probably “hang-out” in the downtown Boise area for a while, but they will range further and further. So watch for the falcons; you may see them anywhere. If you see or hear them, let us know. Cheers!


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