More "White Deer" Information

I received this from Terryann Simoni. Good information. Enjoy!

Here is a note from our nephew about a white deer he took a picture of! Thought you would be interested!

Hi Aunt Terryann,

That was a cool video. (Refers to a previous posted link to a White Deer video on this blog) That is the first time I have heard of them. Here in Northern California we have a herd of white deer close by on the Golden Rule Ranch just south of Willits. The ranch is owned by a church that bought it from Frank Howard the owner of the racehorse “Sea Biscuit”. He bought 25 of the deer from Randolph Hearst in the 1950s and had them trucked up to the ranch from San Simeon and released. They heve been around in small numbers ever since.They aren’t albino deer but a species of deer from asia called Fallow Deer. Attached is a pic I took of one a couple of months back.
God bless,



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