Bald Eagle Day, Boise, ID

Yes indeed! Today was Bald Eagle Day in Boise at the Shakespeare Theater on Warm Springs Road. Great Venue and great location. Here are some photos.

Here are some of the sponsors of the event.

A Falconer in costume and Bruce Haak, IDFG Biologist

An Owl to view the crowd.

A Golden Eagle

An American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk) – Actually a falcon

And the Star of the Show – Bruce Haak’s talk on the Merlin Falcon. Good discussion and lecture.

Yes, if you missed this program you missed an excellent opportunity to view the raptors Up Close and Personal and some great information. Bruce Haak held an awesome workshop. Thanks, Bruce. Cheers!



  1. Hi Catbird,Yes, Bruce put on a fantastic program on the Merlins. He has done a lot of work with them. The program ran for a FULL hour. One interesting thing – We know that a mature Peregrine weighs about 450 grams. The adult Female Merlin – 250gms, Male 125 gms. About the size of a Robin. Cheers! More news coming later about this spring.


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