06 Feb 2010 Peregrine Spotted

On 06 Feb 2010 at about 1:43pm in Boise and on the SE corner of the Wells Fargo Bank Building, this Falcon was spotted. She – I do believe it is a female – was eating and feathers were falling from the corner and landing on the sidewalk below.

A close-up photo of the same individual. Look at the markings on the profile of the face. Size is almost impossible to determine and we do not have the frontal view. (I’m not about to go to the roof of that building!) But, if I had to guess, I’d say female. At 2:40pm, she flew away to the south and out of view. I did not see anything at the hack box.



  1. Hi Eric,I don't really know, but I think that this is one of the fledglings from last season here in Boise. She is usually around in the eraly morning and late afternoons. Sometimes mid-day. If I get a chance, I'll try a better close-up. You may want to try also.


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