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It never ceases to amaze me when folks join in on a group … especially Boise Falcon Fans group on Facebook. Robin and I started this as another means to pass information between a group of folks who are interested in the same thing. In this case, the Boise City peregrine falcons. I expected maybe 100 – 125 people to join the group. This afternoon when I checked, we have 240 members!!! The Facebook group is not to replace this blog – it won’t!! It is there just to get more of “the word” out to interested parties. And actually, there are folks who asked me to start the group on Facebook. Lots of people from the USA, including a large group of Native Americans, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Germany and the list goes on and on. It just seems like a great way to network. Interesting where folks come from and their interests in the falcons. I guess I’m just “killing time” and meandering until the parents return in earnest to the hack box. I am anxious!! Cheers.

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