March First

Two Falcons were spotted at the Nest Box today at 1:30 pm – they seemed to be looking into the box – perhaps discussing furniture? ooops… anthropomorphism – my bad! Blurry photo from iBeam on Facebook – a little dark as the sun was at the wrong angle – but it is a great day for thinking spring and the mating activities that are forthcoming. Right around the corner! Our Crocuses have been up in full bloom for 5 days.
Maybe this enlarged photo will help to see the 2 falcons.

Great to hear from some of the local fledge watchers who are anxious to use their new spotting scopes and from Bruce Haak, who says the plans for the 2 live cams will be going on-line this week. Thanks to all of you for continued support.


  1. gosh,,,I dont see 2 birds,,,looks just like the stones to me, and if there is anything there, is too small for adult falcons. i have ibeam up most of the day, and didnt see anything,,,,more whine?


  2. When you see them flying in and they are looking at the outside of the box and at the opening, you know there are two birds there. You are right, the quality of the photo is poor. But we have nothing to do with the IBeam camera.


  3. The 'stone' in front of the box is a piece of a broken grey-white cinder block. Between 1:30 and 2pm, I watched them walking in front of the box – looking in the box and then one of them went to the open space to the right of the box and seemed to open its beak as if caaking. I saw them both as full-sized falcons flying off to the NE a little before 2pm. It is hard to see colors on this camera. Bob was downtown and heard them caaking earlier in the day.


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