So, Who Is It?

This tiercel appeared in the box this morning at 0808. (Photos from The Peregrine Fund Nest Cam have been removed) Question is: Who is it?

We can probably sit here all day and try and figure it out. The photos were not of a good enough quality to be enlarged. The tiercel in question was banded. But think about this:
(1) The tiercel (the “Dad”) from last year was not banded.
(2) This individual likes to perch along the same ledges that Wall-EE did from last year.
(3) Was it actually the female that stayed around all winter and not the “Dad” from last year? Or might it have been Wall-E who stayed around?
(4) That appears to be the same type of band on this birds right leg that the IDF&G uses. It is not a colored band. It appears to be a plain aluminum or silver colored steel band.

I guess we will have to wait until the Fish and Game and the Peregrine Fund check in on this one. Cheers!


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