Boise Falcon Are Still Around

Yup, they’re still around. Maybe the falcons have not been seen on the box, but they definitely are still here. It’s difficult to locate the falcons when they are “out and about” while sitting and looking at a limited view video. They were definitely not at the box from 1137 – 1215 on 16 March. They were out playing tag with the crows.

Let’s not forget that it is spring – well Saturday will be the first day of spring – and the crows want to raise a family too.

1158 – 1 bird flew in from (N side) Wells Fargo and then (E) between Key Bank and apartments. OOS.
1202 – Another observer said he saw the falcon dive down on the other side of the Key Bank building and go out of sight.

But this falcon says, “Go find your own nesting spot. The hack box is MINE!” And now, Let the games begin.

The falcons circle as the crows taunt!

Playing with lunch – crows over the Capitol.

1206 – Playing with crows by Capitol.
1215 – All quiet.


So there you have the Mystery of the Lost Falcons. Ah, not really. Just doing the Falcon in Springtime Thing. (Timed events taken from the log)Cheers!



  1. That immature accipiter, either a female Coopers or a male goshawk- can't quite tell for sure, wants to show urban Boise that Peregrines aren't so cool. I am sure he/she did not stick around for long.


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