Where is Mom?

Each of the past three Saturday mornings around 10 am we have spotted Mom. She is watching the nest box. Keeping an eye on Dad while he is brooding the eggs. She perches on the top SW corner of the Banner Bank Building – two blocks to the north of One Capitol Center – near Sue Quinn’s office which has a direct view of the box. In between hunting for her own food, brooding on the eggs for the whole night, she probably needs to nap with one eye open in a perch posture, which is a good change from the prone brooding position. And she probably flies around downtown for exercise and hunting. If she sees him looking ‘restless’, she relieves him for a spell. He has brought her food during the day and she usually snatches it from him and flies off to the East. We have also seen each of them eating on the West side of the Key Bank building, the tip of the triangle on the Wells Fargo building and the East side of the Cap One Center. They seem to prefer banks as ‘safe’ places. OK – you can laugh now. We are having fun!


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