Bowing and Scraping

Watching and listening to many Falcon Cams … I went to Nursing School not far from this site in DE. and the DuPont Company is a sponsor. My father worked all his life for Uncle Dupy starting with his first job – Chemical Engineer making DDT available during WWII.

Wilmington Delaware falcons – another weird story – the Tiercel has not been seen since April 26. The female ‘Ruby’ has been inconsistent on brooding her eggs – since she has had to do her own hunting for food. Biologists tried to feed her some pigeons last week … but decided to remove the 4 eggs last Friday – 46 days since being laid and not hatching. There is now a new Tiercel visiting her. They have been seen ‘bowing and scraping*’ and heard E-chupping – so she may yet lay another clutch. We’ll have to wait and see.

* Interesting that Words used for Peregrine Falcon mating rituals have been translated to 1. asking for a raise, 2. trying to make friends or show respect in Oriental cultures, and 3. looking for a girl/boy friend amongst humans. Any other uses / applications you can think of?


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