Hatching This Week?

Well, the time is about here for the eggs to begin to hatch. Maybe this week? Maybe. I have heard nothing from Fish and Game and their Volunteer Coordinator about this seasons Watch Team, so I have no idea of what they are up to. But, there is nothing to say that if we want to meet sometime, or arbitrarily go downtown or go to one of the parking garages to see what is happening, we can. It might be wise, though, to take a small notebook to jot down what you see and a pair of binoculars. Robin and I purchased a good spotting scope this year, so we will have it. I will assume – and you know what happens if you assume anything – that if you spot a problem, the one to contact would be Bruce Haak at the IDFG. You can watch the live Falcon Cam by looking in the sidebar and clicking on the Peregrine Fund logo. Cheers! and here’s hoping that this season goes well for the falcons and the weather warms up soon. Please keep in touch and watch for us on Facebook at “Boise Falcon Fans”.


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