Boise Hatching Update

Lots of excitement today!! So to take a break, we went to the MK Nature Center and came across this raccoon. Cute little guy!

But then we have this information from the Peregrine Fund:

25 May 2010
Hatching has begun! Two chicks could be seen in the nest early this morning. The tiny birds are covered with white downy feathers. They are unable to regulate their body temperatures for up to two weeks, so they will stay under the adults for warmth. See our Boise Falcon Fans Facebook page for pictures of the chicks.

Update: A third chick hatched about 12:36 p.m.

Look at all the egg shells on the floor of the box.

We went downtown around noon to see if Sweetwater Tropic Zone was open and to see if we could use their porch for spotting. It Is Out-Of-Business as of this morning!! We found another place that is willing to work with our group for spotting the falcons. Here is Robin and the scope we purchased. It really works fine and there were many people that stopped by and were amazed at what they could see and what we are doing. I had 18 cards and I gave them all out.

Here is Mom sitting on the SW corner of the Banner Bank Building. The by-standers were amazed that “… you can actually see them!”

Dad must have said something, because Mom took off from the Banner Bank Building and flew North. Hunting? or just exercising?

I think this has been a good day for the Boise Falcon Family. As of this writing, 1600 MDT, we have three eggs hatched out of four, all of the eyases seem to be in good shape – at least from the Peregrine Funds Web Cam pictures – and the weather here in Boise has been pretty good. The chicks can not yet regulate their body temperatures, so they will stay close to Mom and Dad for warmth, about 2 weeks.

It has been a good day for us – we met several business owners downtown who now know what we are doing, we handed out some publicity for the Falcon Watch Team and we talked to the public about the program.
So that’s about all for now. Keep Looking Up! Cheers and stay tuned in.


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