Hatchling Party Preliminary

On Friday, 28 May we are having a gathering of the Falcon Watch Team at Berryhill and Co in Boise. Here are some photos of the restaurant and the selections. You have a varied menu to choose from and can spend what you wish. This photo of the hack box was taken as we were leaving the restaurant.

We will be at Berryhill and Co from 4:00pm until about 6:00pm MDT. We can stay later. Hopefully, we will have access to the 4th Floor veranda. Bring your laptop if you have one – we will have ours. Bring cameras, binoculars and/or spotting scopes. The restaurant is located on 9th Street between Idaho and Main.

Robin and I each had this Chicken with Fresh Vegetables and Risoto. It went very well with a Merlot and a Tempranillo.

And then a Petite Verdot went very well with this Dutch Chocolate Layer Cake and ……

This Volcano Cake.

It was great to have Rico Weisman, guitar and Ken Harris, piano, playing for us.

Thank-You gentlemen! We appreciated your talent!

Hope to see you there! Cheers and Keep Looking Up!


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