The present mother falcon in the Boise Urban Nesting Hack Box may or may not be the same falcon who has laid a clutch of eggs here since 2003. Biologists theorize that Peregrine Falcons return to successful nesting sites more frequently than they practice monogamous mating. We do know that this female has the same auricular and chest coloring as last year’s mom and a band on her right tarsus [ankle]only because there are cam photos of this and last year’s mom. She is as neat a housekeeper as last years mom and just as gentle and fair with feeding the hatchlings. She has had to train this new mate about bringing food to a cache as she did last years mate and seems to prefer the food be feather and head free. Last years dad = Lewis was such a character and often acted quite silly. This years Tiercel seems to be easily trained and more serious about his fatherly and husbandry duties.
Last year’s dad had no band. This year’s Tiercel = dad, has a band on his left tarsus, as does an ‘intruder’ = a third male who has visited frequently. The intruder appears to be a Juvenile or yearling. Mom does not seem to mind his visits; dad chases him away. Could he be Wall-E? Some biologists say yearlings do mate, but most agree that Peregrines have to be two years old to mate and rear successful fledglings.
Mom seems to be moulting and losing some downy feathers – it is that time of year. Maybe warm weather is really going to arrive soon. Keep looking up!


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