Peregrine Fund Update on the Banding

This information was posted on the Peregrine Fund web page.

15 June 2010
This morning Idaho Department of Fish and Game representatives banded the four young Peregrines. Each of the chicks received a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band on their right leg and each of the bands was color-coded to make identification easier for viewers. There are three males and one female this year. Despite reports of lack of feeding, all four of the young Peregrines are in great condition and have been very well cared for by the parents … The adult female was very protective of the chicks and defended aggressively throughout the process. A variety of prey remains were collected and included pigeons, meadowlarks, and mourning doves. In all, it was a very successful morning …

I think now all we need is the band color designations: What color is on the female and then what colors were used for the 3 males. Many thanks to the Peregrine Fund for keeping us informed. Keep looking up!


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