1 July – First Fledge

Robin and I were downtown off and on today for about 5 hours. An exciting time. It was really great to have the Tates and the Sudmeirs with us. Good to see them again. And yes, there was one falcon that fledged today. A male. At about 1418 I notified the Idaho Fish and Game that in fact, one bird had fledged. Here are the photos. Enjoy!

#1 – Two of the siblings on the 14th floor.

#2 – Plus 1 sibling = 3 chicks!

#3 – And the 4th sibling fledged! Red band.

#4 – Doesn’t he look so majestic with those wings extended? Beautiful!


#6 – Mom watches to see that her “baby” is OK.

#7 – Mom in flight.

#8 – Such beauty!


#10 – Mom on the tower of the Davidson Building

It was also nice to have so many of the people of Boise stop by and chat with us. I gave out 12 business cards, but we had more. Even a wine maker!

Oh! The earlier post that might have been an injured bird, in fact, the Peregrine Fund and The Fish and Game folks both agree that is not an injured bird. The feet are in such a position that it only appears that way. The in flight photos also confirm this. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!



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