Boise Falcons – 1 July 2010

On 1 July 2010. There was a report this morning that one of the chicks had fledged. I went downtown to check this out. No chick has fledged. All 6 are accounted for – 4 on the west side of the Capitol One Center Building, 1 on the WSW corner of the Banner Bank Building and 1 soaring very high over Boise. But there is something strange going on here. Look at the first three photos.

I have sent both this photo and the next one to the Peregrine Fund and to the Idaho Fish and Game. It will be interesting to see if they think this bird is injured.

It will be interesting to see if some others think this is an injured falcon.

High Flight over Boise

Good landing



Female does a flyby with the male sitting on the building

Great in-flight shot


So there you have some flight photos taken by me this morning. Enjoy and Keep Looking Up!



  1. I think Jack is correct—what you are seeing is a colorful foot. Plus, after examining the in-flight photos (which are great), I see no hint of blood or injury on the falcon’s belly. Really, you just have a good camera and lens.


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