2 July Second Session

From the Peregrine Fund site, we hear that,

2 July 2010 5pm
A second male attempted to fledge this afternoon but things didn’t go as well for him as it did for the sibling (with a red band) who fledged yesterday. This chick (with a green band) glided to a parking structure about a half-block away, where he was rescued by Fish and Game. Uninjured, the young bird was returned to the nest box on the 14th floor ledge at One Capital Center so he can try again.

Peregrine food, and right in front of me!

High Flight

A fledgling and since Red is the only one in “full” flight, I will bet it is him.

Red in flight. He has a very strong flight.

Well, that’s it for today …. I hope. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!

One comment

  1. Thanks Bob and Robin for all you're doing. I look forward to hearing all about them. I miss seeing them every day already. This "season" sure seem to pass quickly this year.


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