3 Busy Days With The Falcons

To start with, back in January, Bruce Haak, Idaho Fish & Game Biologist, asked me if it would be better to have the volunteers directed by one of the Fledge Watchers or the IDF&G Volunteer Coordinator? I very quickly said the Fish and Game Volunteer Coordinator. Here is Michael Young, the Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks Michael for taking this project on. The other Volunteer Coordinator is Mary Dudley, not pictured.

Bruce Haak gave a good talk on the fledglings and what as Fledge Watchers we can expect to see and possibly do. Thanks Bruce for this inspiring talk. All of this happened on 3 July at the Piper Pub in Boise. We thank them for allowing us the space and re-arranging the tables.

The story always includes the juvenile fledglings. Here is one such individual. They are all looking healthy, growing fast and building body strength. They just are not as muscled as the adults, but that will change quickly.

Here is one adult female. Compare her colors and physique to the juvenile above.

Here are some photos of the juveniles on some of the different buildings in Boise. The Key Bank.

The Empire Building

This is an adult on the Owyhee Hotel Penthouse, not a juvenile.

Definitely not a peregrine!

Fledge Watchers Leah and Elaine (sitting), talking to some of the people on the street. There was a falsed alarm sounded that one of the fledglings was on the ground. The Fledge Watcher on duty and Fish and Game determined that it was only the adult female calling loudly and there was no bird on the ground or in harms way. Such fun.


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