High Over Boise

Back in the late 1980’s – 1989 to be exact – I did some volunteer work out at the Word Center For Birds of Prey. I led tours and handled a Peregrine. In this case, it is Helen. She was a delight! Here is a photo from a newspaper article about my volunteer work.

In the early afternoon of 7 July, I received an email from Bruce Haak, Idaho Department of Fish and Game Biologist, that Fox News, Channel 12 here in Boise, was looking for some fledge watchers downtown for an interview and could I go? I did the interview. Then Anna, another fledge watcher, and Bruce arrived. Bruce asked if we would like to go up on the roof of the One Capitol Center. We said we would like that. Here are some photos from the top of that long elevator ride. Enjoy. All photos Copyright 2010 Bob Young

A view of Boise looking Northeast.

Another North view of the Banner Bank building.

Looking West. Our house is out there somewhere.

Bruce Haak preparing a pan of water for the falcons.

Bruce and Anna looking at “bird parts” – “left-overs” – from a falcon dinner.

“Left overs”

Enjoy and Keep Looking Up!


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