Stuck Fledgling Is Rescued!

I received this from Michael Young, IDF&G Volunteer Coordinator. A great little video was also sent. (If this is a copyrighted video, please let me know and who holds the copyright. Thanks)

… check out the movie attached. It is from just a little while ago on top of the Banner Bank Building. Red, fledgling, fell down in between some curved stucco-type material and got stuck. Our brand new bird watchers, Beth, Carmel and Ken, noticed a head sticking out of or under some curvy metal stuff and called Bruce. Bruce climbed up there and rescued it. Great video of an adult bird really ticked off about the whole thing!

Go falcon watchers!
Michael Young

The official word from the Peregrine Fund and Bruce Haak of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game reads,

9 July 2010
From Idaho Fish and Game Biologist Bruce Haak–This morning, a young male Peregrine (red) was found trapped behind an ornamental sheet metal screen on the outside of the Banner Bank Building in downtown Boise. Our three observers–Carmel, Ken, and Beth–spotted the young falcon peaking out from under the metal wall, and sounded the alert.

Marva Schwager (The Christensen Corp.) graciously took us to the roof of the building where we found two more young falcons lounging in the sun. It required a full arm’s reach down the side of the building to grasp the trapped falcon and pull it up and out to safety. We gave it a good spraying, with a cool drink thrown in for good measure, before releasing it on a shady part of the roof.

Curiously, not only were the adults defending against us during this rescue operation, but some of the juveniles joined in for good measure.

We had a similar experience four years ago when another newly fledged Peregrine slipped and fell down behind an adjacent length of this sheet metal exterior. It too was extracted safely and released.

Cheers and Keep Looking Up!


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