Stuck Fledgling – Photos

On 9 July, one of the fledgling males, Red, was trapped by some sheet metal work on the top of the Banner Bank Building in downtown Boise. We are happy that several fledge watchers were in the area, Carmel, Ken and Beth. They notified Bruce Haak and he came and rescued the bird. Here are some photos taken by Carmel and used with her permission. Thank-You Carmel.

Looking down on Red. He is trapped in a sheet metal “tube”.

Bruce Haak, IDF&G, sprays the fledgling with water to cool him down and to relax him. The Mother, was not a happy camper and kept flying by.

One of Red’s siblings stands guard and watches and waits to see if Red is OK. Red survived just fine, despite of the heat.

Be sure to see the video, 39 seconds, below. You will see the Mother flying by.


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