Exciting Day, Part 1

So, here’s the story about the “Pigeon Dust”. Remember the photos I took last year of Wall-E when he hit the Wells Fargo Bank? Not as impressive as this, nor as traumatic. And here’s the rest of the story.

I was at my watch post when this lady came up to me and asked, “Did you see the outline of the pigeon on the Washington Federal building?” I told her that I had not seen it. She walked with me to show me where the fatal accident happened. She said that yesterday, 12 July, she was watching one of the falcons chase a pigeon. As the fast flying pair flew west on Idaho Street at 10th, the pigeon for a split second, took his eyes off the “flight path”. (Probably texting for help) Bad mistake! She said the pigeon impacted the window, two panes up from the sidewalk and 2 panes west of the east corner of the bank. She related that the pigeon hit the ground and never moved. The falcon flew on. I asked her if she could by any chance describe the falcon, such as color. She said that the falcon’s chest looked tanish with black stripes. She was certain. One of our fledglings living dangerously!

So yes, an exciting morning in the life of a Fledge Watcher. Cheers and Keep Looking Up! The fledglings may very well disperse very soon.


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