Exciting Day, Part 2

Yes, a very exciting day, or rather morning! Here we see an adult with some prey in its talons.

Did they just perform an inflight food swap? Is that not an adult on top and the fledgling below? Neat!

Please don’t tell me this is what the adult caught.



  1. All the action today was on Bob's shift. Fantabulous! The rest of the day has been almost disturbingly quiet. Finally found one truant kid near my place, sitting peacefully on a state bldg.Kerry treated me to an ice cream. It hit the spot.


  2. too bad the watchers dont have a clue! tried to send an email to your address, got rejected as bad email address….so sad that most of the info here is incorrect, and most of the pictures are from last year! too bad the info on your blog in wrong


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