14 July – Boise Fledgling Update

It was nice today on Our Special Day. We were down at the Idanha Parking Lot and watched the birds for a while. Always seems like they are active when we are there.

Three siblings sitting on the micro wave tower on top of the bank building. They just look so beautiful sitting there.

Beautiful chest markings on this juvenile in flight. Actually the falcon was very high over us.

Great to see the fledglings maneuver through the towers and chimneys on the Idanha Hotel.

Two of the fledglings are very high over us in full flight. It appeared that they were chasing something because of their irregular flight path.

I lost sight of these two just after this photograph was taken. It looks like the start of a stoop, or dive. They were extremely high.


There you have it for today. Maybe some more tomorrow. Cheers and Keep Looking Up! Time may be running out for following these birds with any regularity. They may disperse soon.


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