Great Monday Morning Fledge Watching!

It seems as though these fledglings are nearing independence. As the Walrus once said, “The time has come …” Maybe they will not leave Ada county just yet, but their range is increasing; their flight skills are awesome; they are catching prey by themselves and they look good. Here are some photos – taken this morning, 19 July 2010 – and comments from the log.

19 July 2010 – 0620. 57ºF, 48%RH, winds NE@1 and Clear.

Fledgling in flight by Empire Building.

One flies from Empire Building to tower.

Two on Empire Building. One with prey.

Flight from Empire Building to DL Evans Building

Same fledgling right over head.

Fledgling Dance on tower.

Fledglings on the DL Evans Building. (This series taken from Eastman Garage)

Headed for the DL Evans Building

Three fledglings on the Empire Building. (Three photographs)

And finally, the Wall Art on the Idanha Hotel. Cheers and keep Looking Up and searching for the falcons.



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