Hummingbird Banding


OK. So the Boise peregrine falcons have gained independence – they have dispersed, although it may not be far. In spite of the false reports made again about a fledgling being killed, all of the birds are doing fine. There are no injuries!!!

So, that being said, and your boredom level increasing, here is an opportunity for you to get some practical experience in the banding process.

This really sounds interesting and fun!

Hummingbird Banding in Pearl

When: August 14, …Time: 8:00am – 11:00am
Location: 6920 Pearl Rd.
For More Information Contact: Boise Daily Photo



  1. I was at the Hummingbird Banding last year and plan to be there again with my family this year. I hope to meet you there! I'll probably be the guy helping Michael Wiegand retrieve the captured birds and bringing them to Fred for banding and measuring.


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