Great Hummingbird Banding Day

It was good to be involved, and asked to attend, this project. Thank-You Debbie! We met some folks we have been communicating with through Facebook and several blogs. And we met some folks we have not seen before. Hopefully, we’ll see everyone again. Thanks to Mike Wiegand for opening up his beautifully landscaped yard for us. As you will see, there was some really awesome talent at this event. Enjoy the photos!

Mike Wiegand. Homeowner and Habiscapes Owner, Specializing in Natural Wildlife Habitat Installations.

Robert Mortensen, AKA Idaho Birder and Owner Idaho Birding Blog

Monty, from Birdhouse and Habitat on 12598 W. Fairview Street Suite 101, Boise, ID 83713. Birdhouse and Habitat

Debbie Courson Smith, Boise Diva
Her blog states that, “I’m a news writer/editor who works from home. My husband works for one of the state’s largest private employers. We have a … daughter and two cats, and we love Boise! If you need to reach me direct, I’m at boisediva (at)” Her website is Boise Daily Photo

Dwaine Smith, Debbie’s husband

Robin Young, White-Out Editor on six (6) blogs, two (2) Facebook Group pages and one (1) Web page!

Margaret Gunnell, friend!

Fred Bassett, Hummingbird Bander.

Fred Bassett is a federally licensed bird bander. The Hummingbird Research, Inc. is an organization founded in 2009 by Fred to promote the conservation of hummingbirds through research and education. (From, Prairie Falcon Audubon Society)

Some of the crowd of people enjoying the banding process.

So now I guess it’s time to see some of the hummingbirds! And maybe some others, too. Enjoy!!

Beautiful markings ….

Beautiful in flight ….

Notice the almost “verticle” flight position.

And as we were driving back to Boise, this immature Red-Tailed Hawk made an appearance.

In full flight!

The raptors are beautiful! Sorry. That’s my bias.

We do hope you enjoyed these photographs. Cheers!



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