Fledge Watchers Party 2010

Every year, in the springtime, the excitement builds while the Peregrine parents are preparing the nest, doing their courtship “dances”, laying the eggs, protecting the young peregrines and finally saying “Good-Bye” as the family unit disperses. As for the Boise falcons this year – It was a great year. 4 chicks hatched successfully and endured the rigors of “city life”. The buildings, the heat, the 4th of July parade and loud and noisy fly-bys and, although few this year, the summer thunderstorms and high winds. 4 chicks were hatched and 4 chicks gained independence. And just to note, Boise has a very high success rate for the peregrines gaining independence. I believe the Boise statistic is 75% survival rate whereas the national rate is about 25%. This year, we achieved 100% survival!

It could not have happened without the dedicated staff at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. One such person is Bruce Haak, Biologist and Coordinator of the Boise Falcon Program. In recognition of his dedicated service, he was presented with the certificate to the left and a medal, which is pictured on the certificate. Bruce deserves the recognition and we Thank-You Bruce for your service. Everyone who was at this party had the opportunity to sign the certificate. Here are some photos that I took of some of the people who attended the party.

Bruce Haak, IDFG Biologist

Michael Young, IDFG Volunteer Coordinator
All of the people below are volunteers for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Peregrine Falcon Fledge Watch Team members. Let’s give them a heartfelt Thank-You!

Anna, Fledge Watch Team Coordinator

Leah, Fledge Watch Team

Debbie, Fledge Watch Team

Barbara and Patrick, Fledge Watch Team

Sean, Fledge Watch Team

Carmel, Fledge Watch Team

Carl and Marilyn, Fledge Watch Team
Bruce acquired this awesome cake! The falcon picture was scanned onto the cake! (Pastry Perfection, Boise)

One of the many dishes, Bagel Slices and Homemade Icebox Lox

A full plate with Pot-Luck goodies!

Hope to have you on the Fledge Watch Team next year. Let me know and I will pass your name and email on to the proper people. Just bring a cell phone, pad for making notes, chair, binoculars, water and a camera. That’s all you need. It really can be exciting and rewarding in its own way. Cheers!



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