Flickers On The Greenbelt

As I was riding on the Greenbelt, I caught something off to my left and high in the tree. An old snag of a tree. There are many Mourning Doves around, but this looked so different. I stopped and used the 300mm lens to get these photos of what I believe are either a Red-Shafted Flicker or a Gilded Flicker. I lean more to the Red-Shafted Flicker because the flashing of white when it flies and the habitat of “… groves, river woods, open forest …”, (Peterson, A Field Guide To Western Birds, 1961) whereas the Gilded Flicker likes more of a desert habitat as in Sonora California. It’s just fun and exciting to ID these birds and to actually see them. They are so pretty.

Red-Shafted Flicker

Red-Shafted Flicker

Red-Shafted Flicker

Cormorant, such a stately bird!

Beaver damage that was not there on 13 September.



  1. Red-shafted Northern Flickers they are! A Gilded Flicker in Idaho would be huge and birders from around the state would come flocking. I used to get Gilded Flickers in my backyard when I lived in Mesa, AZ for a few years. Once you cross the continental divide going east most of the Northern Flickers are yellow-shafted. We usually get one or two in the state each year, and even hybrids, so it is always worth taking a second look at flickers!


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