First Full Day of Autumn

Wooden Head

Fall in Boise. Just beautiful. Not only for the changing wildlife, but also for the colors and the emerging shapes and figures along the Greenbelt. Can you see the head profile in this wooden stump? The nose and the open mouth? A Salmon? Let your imagination wander.

Foot Prints

Ah yes. Did the head above have a bodily extension at one time and leave these foot prints? October is not far away. Halloween! The Dance of the Druids. Boise’s Stonehenge.

Mallard Duck and Wood DucksMallard Duck and Wood Ducks

Cormorant In TreeCormorant

#1#1 –

#2#2 –

#3#3 – Millet

Rabbit Bush#4 – Rabbit Bush
(Robin’s favorite!)

#5#5 –

#6#6 – Rose Hips

#7#7 – Cotton Wood

Maybe the Fish and Game botanist can ID some of these plants below. I hope so. Thank-You in advance. I have numbered them to aid in IDing. At any rate, the plants are interesting forms. Enjoy the Fall season. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!!


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