In The Heart of Boise – Katherine Albertson Park

It was a nice day today. Partly cloudy. Light fall breezes from the North. 46 degrees. A good day to take a walk through Katherine Albertson Park here in the center of Boise. If you are quiet and walk slow, you will be surprised at what you will see. The key word here is Quiet. All kinds of birds and water fowl. Lots of mammals – deer, squirrels, etc. Here are some photos of my walk today. Enjoy!

Nice day in Boise. Light snow on the mountains, where it should be.

Poppy’s in the park.

The Fence

Water Falls

Cattail Grove

Cattail Seed Pods

Canada Geese fly overhead

Wood Ducks

Great Blue Heron perched.

Hooded Merganser

Mule Deer

Eastern Fox Squirrel

It was a good walk.



  1. Don’t you love me? I only respond when critiquing!Beautiful photos…I love the snow and the hooded merganser pic. The deer in the photos is a mule deer. Mule deer have short, rope-like white tails with a black tip. White-tailed deer have brown tails fringed with white when hanging down and white triangular flags when erect. The squirrel is the eastern fox squirrel, or Sciurus niger. From the scientific name you might think the squirrel is black…and they are, sometimes. I saw black-backed ones at Niagara Falls once.


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