Katherine Albertson Park, Boise, ID

The sun came out for about 10 minutes this mornig, so I went to Katherine Albertson Park in Boise. Look for the photos of the mink! And the beauty of the Wood Ducks.



  1. I had never seen one of those cuties before(Minks)…I got a kick out of watching his cute face. Lol.. You are so lucky to be able to see nature at its best…I hear we have deer here (Ireland) and squirrel but i'll be darn if i ever seen one in two years. Lol..This is a little village where we live but all i see is cows,horses,sheep,donkeys all the things i saw in Jersey. hahahaha.. Oh well, will keep looking forward to seeing those deer and will take a picture if they are not to quick for me to show you. Lol…Have a great evening..My best to Robin..


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