Beautiful On The Boise Greenbelt Today!

A good day riding along the Boise Greenbelt this afternoon. 10.75 miles. 37 degrees F, winds NNW @ 5mph and the humidity at 46%. Skies mostly clear, with some broken clouds over the mountains, and blue! Not many people using the Greenbelt, but those that I met at least said, “Hi!”

I saw cormorants, plenty of Canada Geese, ducks, songbirds, squirrels and hawks. One person that I was talking to said that he had seen Bald Eagles – both immature and adult. It’s about that time of year for them to appear. But in the meantime, here are some photos of today. Enjoy!

Bogus Basin, North of Boise.

Two female Common Mergansers (thanks for the ID help) and Mallard Duck.

Great Blue Heron in a tree high above the river.

Cooper’s Hawk.
The Magpies were sounding the alarm that he was in the area. They had him surrounded, but at a safe distance away..

And then there was this brave squirrel. He was in a tree and on the blind side of the tree from the Cooper’s Hawk. The Cooper’s Hawk was about 30 feet away from the squirrel.



  1. Great job identifying the Cooper's Hawk! In that mallard photo, you've got two female Common Mergansers too.Thanks for keeping me in touch with Boise! I've been traveling since September and we are about to move to Salt Lake after Christmas, so I'm counting on you and Boise Daily Photo to keep me tied to my roots.


  2. Sorry to see you leaving the area. I want you to know that I have really appreciated all of your help with the ID of these birds. I really do appreciate it. And yes, I will keep you on this blog! Cheers!


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