Sunny Day On The Greenbelt

The Boise Greenbelt was great today! Partly sunny and the inversion was lifting. Good day to bike 10.7 miles. And the construction was open so I didn’t have to detour too much. Some surprises. Like an Osprey by the Sports Complex. Glad I got a photo of him!

Here is a Great Blue Heron that was sitting along Sand Creek and mingling with the Mallards and the Wood Ducks. Awesome colors!

Great Blue Heron and Wood Ducks

Wood Ducks

Great Blue Heron, Mallard Duck and Wood Duck


Oops! Red-Tailed Hawk. I stand corrected!
This guy was spotted at the Sports Complex along the Greenbelt.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk
In flight. Look at the inversion lifting.



  1. I think your "Osprey" is actually a red-tailed hawk. Search google images for pictures of either one and you will see the difference.Great pictures, though! I enjoy your blog.Have a great day!


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