News From The Golden Eagle Chapter Audubon Society

The February issue of the The Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle Chapter of the Audubon Society in Boise is always interesting because it always reminds me of the Great Backyard Bird Count. You can find more information and a copy of the newsletter at Golden Eagle Chapter Newsletter. There is also a world of other information on the website. And particularly on the bird count. Here is a sample of the Backyard Bird count.

Mid-February is chosen as the time for the Great Backyard Bird Count because it offers a good picture of the birds typically found throughout the winter months. It also coincides with migration for some species, such as the Sandhill Crane. That window of transition affords an opportunity to detect changes in timing for northward migration.
On the Bird Count Website, participants can explore real-time maps and charts that show what others are reporting during the count.

It should be noted that this event, February 18 – 21, 2011, is a nationwide event. It can be a lot of fun. Contact the Golden Eagle Audubon Society for more information and programs. Cheers and maybe I’ll see you in the field.


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