Great Backyard Bird Count

I just received a reminder about the Great Backyard Bird Count that will happen 18 Feb through 20 February. The following information is from FeederWatch.

If you are counting for Project FeederWatch from February 18 through 21, your counts can do double duty if you enter the same tallies into the website for the 14th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) … It’s a step well worth taking to make sure the GBBC database includes your information and collects as many observations as possible … The rules for counting for the GBBC are a little different than for FeederWatch. For the GBBC you can report any birds you see, even those birds flying overhead that don’t count for FeederWatch. You can also submit a separate checklist for each locale, and you need to submit a checklist for each day that you count (not a combined list like you do for FeederWatch).

Join the Great Backyard Bird Count this year and Count for Fun, Count for the Future! Visit the GBBC on Facebook!

There is a lot more information on their website. Forms, checklists, how to submit your sightings, etc. Have a good time with this. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!


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