Day 1 – GBBC

So great to have the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) starting today and running through Monday. Stormy day though in Boise. Windy, cool, trying to rain, or maybe snow. But I did see four of these Oregon Junkos (Junco hyemalis oreganus) a subspecies of Junco hyemalis, the Dark Eyed Junco. The Dark Eyed Junco is the more  familiar in the Idaho area, but the Oregon Junco can also be found in the area. “These have a blackish-gray head and breast with a brown back and wings and reddish flanks, tending toward duller and paler plumage in the inland and southern parts of its range. This is the most common form in the west, found in the Pacific coast mountains from southeastern Alaska to extreme northern Baja California, wintering to the Great Plains and northern Sonora. There is an unresolved debate whether this large and distinct group is not better treated as a full species. ” (Cornel Lab of Ornithology (CLO) (2002): Bird Guide – Dark-eyed Junco)

Then, from the Pennsylvania Society For Ornithology, I found this photo of a Dark Eyed “Oregon” Junco.

I also saw five Robins at our backyard feeder. Follow the link to get some great information and how to join in on the event. Have fun and Keep Looking Up!



  1. Hi Bob. The Oregon Junko is a sub species of the Dark Eyed Junco.The markings are similar but the Dark Eyed Junkos are the ones who come to Idaho and our yards each winter. They will be gone as soon as spring comes and be back next winter. They are so cute and sassy!Your photo is a Dark eyed junco."


  2. I always think of Grandma at this time of year. When I was little and even when I was an adult we would have a contest to see who could see the first robin each spring. Well, I saw a WHOLE FLOCK about two weeks ago in our yard!


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