The Boise Urban Peregrines have been practicing some couple relationship gender specific habits. She places a verbal order and he brings home the ‘bacon’. He has been delivering prey to the top of the nest box and she has been seen eating it.

Both nesting pairs in SF and SJ, California laid their first eggs Friday, February 25. Lil in SF laid her 3’rd egg today. They are usually a month ahead of us. They also feature a zoom lens on one of the nest cams that makes it really easy to read the ID leg band. They have someone ‘manning the camera’ by remote control.

We would enjoy this technical feature in Boise and in addition to the inside the box cam with sound and the moveable outside the box cam to watch the ‘ledglings’ on the runway before fledge.

Keep looking up! Spring is in the air!


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  1. We and others donated $5-$20 to Doug Chapman for the addition of the $100 sound feature on the inbox cam last spring and it made such a difference. We could be 'alerted' to activity by leaving the sound turned on.Bruce Haak asked us if we could see the numbers on the ID bands with our new spotting scope. Only if the falcon is holding very still and the light is just right and we are close enough.Maybe we could raise funds for an outside the box remote controlled zoom camera.


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