Cold March Day and Birding

A good day to look for the birds in Boise. 47 degrees F, 43%rh and winds WNW@6 mph. The time is probably getting close for egg laying in Boise. We will have to see. Sometime in April, I would guess. Peregrine eggs have already been laid in Wilmington, Delaware – there is a link below and in the sidebar. But to look at our falcons, you can follow them on the Peregrine Fund camera (link in sidebar) or on a remote camera at I-Beam Camera. And if you are really interested, here is a link to a good blog from Bombay Hook Wildlife Reserve in Delaware. If you want to follow some Utah birds, look at Utah Birders (there is also a link in the sidebar).

Boise Peregrine Falcon eating on the nesting box in downtown Boise, 22 March 2011. The peregrines in Wilmington Delaware have already laid one egg. (Update: As of 1508 MDT, there are three eggs!) You can see their photos at Wilmington Falcons. At 1522 MDT, both falcons were at the Boise box. The male was on the ledge and the female was in the box. You can see a scrape but no eggs. It appears that the Peregrine Fund camera is online. See the link in the sidebar.

Red-Winged Blackbird. These little birds were singing so loudly. You could hear them all along the bike path.

Red-Winged Blackbird singing up a storm!

Northern Flicker in beautiful Spring plumage.

Canada Goose. You build a nest high off the ground to keep the predators away. How about on top of a light pole in the middle of a sports park? Is this high enough?


So there you have some of the “action” from the Boise area and some very good links. Thanks, Robin, for finding the ones that work. And one other bit of information – I found at Zamzows, a waterproof Guide to Idaho Birds if you are interested. It has most of the songbirds, hawks and waterfowl that are usually found in Idaho with color pictures. It is a foldout, pocket guide. Keep looking up!


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