Interesting Day Watching the Birds

Good day on the Greenbelt today. Just look at this photo to the left of the Belted Kingfisher in full flight! It’s hard enough to get photo of them sitting; they are very “skittish”. And in flight, they dart. I feel really lucky to get this one.

And then the falcons were flying late this afternoon. Soaring high and diving. Flirting? Maybe. Was this part of the courtship: How am I flying? The courtship is probably over. But the photos I got of them at least show them in flight. Keep looking up!

Female Common Merganser – Boise Greenbelt

Male Common Merganser – Boise Greenbelt

Northern Flicker calling – Boise Greenbelt

Peregrine Falcon in flight – Downtown Boise, ID

Peregrine Falcon – Downtown Boise, ID

Pair of Peregrine Falcons – Downtown Boise, ID

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