Mom’s condition

Monday morning and no egg, yet. She is behaving more like a prima donna – preening and perhaps acting a bit “dumpy” which usually indicates egg laying is imminent . She maintained her maternal silhouette post most of the night, looking out over her realm, last night as she has done for the past three years we have been able to see the nest box from inside with the live camera. 2009, 2010 and now for 2011.

If you want to compare our camera views with others, google live falcon cams. What I find fascinating is so many different sites featuring nesting Peregrine Falcon families. In other time zones, one can watch live streaming while we are dark in Boise. There are also live cams on many other avian species: hummingbirds, owls, osprey and eagles. Some feature educational logs or blogs along with the camera sites.

This technology brings nature right into our homes. Many people who can no longer hike or get to remote bird-watching areas, can now enjoy the vicarious thrill of nature’s sights and sounds from the comfort of their easy chair.

As Martha would say: “It’s a good thing!”

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