First Egg Party!

Yes, it really must be spring! In the early morning hours on 7 April 2011 and before sun up, Robin thought she spotted an egg in the scrape of the nest of the Boise Peregrine Falcons. When it got a little lighter, she confirmed the egg! The Peregrine Fund stated on their web site, “7 April 2011 The first egg was visible this morning! A second one likely will come by Saturday. Typically, Peregrine Falcons lay 3-4 eggs. Today’s egg came earlier than last year, when the female laid the first of her four eggs on April 16.” so it looks like we need to be watching the nest on Saturday. There is a link to the cam in the sidebar of this blog. This morning at 10:07am, the female is “sitting” on the egg and you can hear chirping in the background. Yesterday, she was “talking” to the egg. Below are some photos of the First Egg Party that the Boise Fledge Watch Team had to celebrate the occasion at Berryhill and Co in Boise. Enjoy! (The pansy pictured here is in front of Berryhill and Co.)

Here are several members of the Boise Fledge Watch Team. (L-R) Patrick Myhre, Barbara Myhre, Robin Young, Ken Harris (at the piano), Anna Ravegum (Team Leader) and Margaret Gunnell. Salut! (Sirens and horns in the background while I’m writing this. The falcons are alarmed and cacking! Still only 1 egg. Tercel in the box; falcon on top of box.)

Here is the Happy Hour Menu and a glass of Hendrick’s with a twist of lime!

The music was really great this evening!

The Grilled Vegetable Panini was delicious!


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