Trumpeter or Mute Swan

I had one comment from an Anonymous commenter that I usually ignore. However, they said, “Have you considered Mute Swans? Mute swans have been spotted near Quinn’s Pond and Veterans Memorial Park over the weekend by some other bird watchers.” Good point. So I have checked with All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology and University of Michigan and here is what they agree on,

“A native of northern and central Eurasia, the Mute Swan was introduced into North America to grace the ponds of parks and estates. Escaped individuals have established breeding populations in several areas, where their aggressive behavior threatens native waterfowl.”

Compare this photo, from the University of Michigan site, with the one I took. Quite possibly the same bird that I photographed above. (The enlargement here does not really do the photo justice.) I want to thank whomever it was that submitted the comment. I would, however, like it better if I knew who we were addressing. Most posts from Anonymous do not get published.



  1. Mute Swans are not technically "countable" species in Idaho yet. They figure they all are escaped "landscape" swans. There are feral populations in the eastern United States where they are countable. I have found them with cygnets in the Eagle area. When Mute Swans are reported in the wild, Idaho Fish and Game comes and "removes" them. Your photos is certainly of a Mute Swan.


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